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Positive T. A. Nelson

The Virgin Islands of the United States (USVI) have rarely been communities existing in isolation. From their original inhabitants, through the purchase of the territory by the United States, the islands have traditionally played an essential role in maritime activity due to their central location in the Caribbean archipelago. The history of the Virgin Islands is one that many Caribbean islands know well; and is an agricultural tale of indigenous people, colonizers, and slaves that has shaped the current landscape of economic development.

Since our settlement in the early 1500s, agricultural activities have remained a cornerstone of the local and regional economy, and while agricultural production has declined in recent years, the industry is poised for a resurgence. Further, as we have become an increasingly global society, our conversations around food and where it comes from has begun to highlight the importance of maintaining and developing local agricultural systems.

With the ever increasing threat of climate change and natural disasters, it has become crucial for the sustainability of our community to diversify our products, develop higher rates of self-sufficiency and food sovereignty, and network with our Caribbean neighbors.

The future of our food system depends on it.

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The Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture develops, supports, and promotes an economically lucrative agricultural industry in the U.S. Virgin Islands while protecting consumers, farmers, and the environment. We accomplish this through our Divisions, who serve and support our community. Administration Abattoir Agricultural Development Forest Stewardship & Conservation Land Preparation Property Management Schools & Satellite Programming Veterinary Services

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Commissioner's Office

Positive T. A. Nelson

Former Senator and advocate for the development of agricultural infrastructure across the Territory...

Assistant Commissioner
Diana E. Collingwood

An educator and leader in the development of agricultural programs...

Deputy Commissioner
Hannah V. Carty

A food policy professional and researcher interested in the structural inequities of the food system through the examination at the intersections of colonialism, race...