Dear Virgin Islands Community:

Pursuant to Act 8404 signed into law on December 11, 2020, the Commissioner of Agriculture and the President of the University of the Virgin Islands have been charged to create an Agricultural Plan for the Virgin Islands.

An Agricultural Plan Taskforce has been convened and is working to develop various aspects of the Plan. It is critical that the Taskforce receive input from the public, especially those engaged in the agriculture industry. There will be surveys developed and distributed, and focus groups and town halls convened, so that everyone can share their insights. You will be informed once these documents and events are developed.

Our goal is to develop a plan that will increase agriculture productivity in the Territory so that food security and sovereignty are not just labels but a true reflection of the reality of the lives of people in the Virgin Islands.

The Agricultural Plan Taskforce will be reaching out to the people of the Virgin Islands on a regular basis and we encourage your participation in the development of the Plan. In the interim and throughout this process, if you have ideas, suggestions or thoughts you would like to share with the Task Force, please send them to


Commissioner Positive T. A. Nelson
President David Hall